Maintenance Meals

Maintenance Meals

Are you already at you optimum fitness, but your busy life keeps you from preparing healthy meals. Eat 2 Fit takes the stress and time out of the planning, shopping and cooking. Come home from a busy day and just grab a container of portion controlled chef prepared meals. Healthy in Minutes!
Special Dietary Needs
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    Maintenance Meals consists of a 24oz Container 5 to 6 oz of Protein, 5 oz of Veggies, & 4oz of Carbs in 3 meals. These meals are ideal for males needed to shred pounds and active females that are just needing ready made meals. 

    Mini Packages $9.99
    5x2 Days (20 Meals)  
    6x2 Days (24 Meals)  
    7x2 Days (28 Meals)

    Special Dietary Needs $15 additional Charge per Biweek payments  and $30 for the Month payments

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