So How Does the Eat 2 Fit Meal Plans Work?

Step 1: Decide which program is right for you.

Ask Yourself?

Do you want to lose all that unwanted weight? Would you like to have higher levels of confidence, energy, and be able to perform better in both your personal and professional life?


Do you want to build lean, the powerful muscle being at the top of your game is critical to your performance and growth as an athlete, avid gym-goer, or competitor?


Do you need a program that is ideal for those with an active lifestyle, and to make sure you eat healthy and delicious food?


Step 3:   Process your payment  phone, schedule your service day.
Step 2:  Complete the online Registration Form

Click the link to access the online Registration


Complete the online form and hit submit on both sections.


If you have a specific Meal Plan, upload into the form or send in email attachment to


​Our staff will evaluate the information and call you to review your goals with you, help schedule your service day. 

Step 4: Meals are prepared fresh weekly, consume your 2-4 daily meals &GET FIT!

To make sure you are taking full advantage of the programs, you are to consume a meal EVERY 3-4 HOURS! with breakfast of your own, (this means 4-5 meals a day)

Depending on whether you are a 5, 6 or 7 day/ Mini or Full client that is the period your meals should last to get you to your next service day. 


ex. 5 Day Clients

   Service day is Monday, you should have food for Tues through Fri and Monday (making Saturday & Sunday a Lax Days)

ex. 6 Day Clients

   Service day is Monday, you should have food for Tues through Sat and Monday (making Sunday a Lax Day)

ex. 7 Day Clients

   Service day is Monday, you should have food for Tues through  Monday (No Lax Days)








Plans can be purchased in biweekly (10% off) or monthly (15% off) payment plans. Service day slots are limited, but E2FM will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.  


You can make payments via the phone at 803-606-4436 or a debit payment link can be sent via text. Orders should be complete by 4 pm on the Wednesday prior to service week. All orders completed after 4 pm will go to the next service day!


COVID Delivery Bag Deposits; IF we do not have access to an outside fridge/freezer, we have implemented cooler bag door deliveries. Each client will be accessed a bag refundable bag deposit ($55 for Lg & $35 for sm) and issued 2 rotating bags where their food will be pack on ice sheets. 


During your scheduling call, the staff will also go over the menu to make accommodations based on allergies and tastes.


Refund Policy


  • We are not responsible for spoilage, as we prepare all dishes fresh every morning and follow all food safe handling criteria right to your door. We recommend keeping meals no more than 4 days without freezing.

  • We take every precaution to triple check orders but due to the expansion in business and new employees, errors may occur. Please notify us within 24 hours of any errors for your order to be replaced or we will make a deduction to your account, with the return of the food.

  • In case of a major error in the macro measurements, it will be fixed immediately.

  • We will not provide refunds for orders that have been prepaid, clients have the option of skipping weeks. In the event of military or employment relocation, a refund will be given with written notice given notification in writing.

  • In the event that a client needs to make an extended pause (no more than 30 days) in service, a $150 slot hold deposit must be paid. 



New COVID-19 Delivery Policy


  • Columbia Deliveries start on the allotted Tuesday at 6:30 pm, if we do not have access to an outside fridge, a cooler bag will be dropped at the porch.  The client will be notified with a 30 minute ETA via text and delivery completion text. 

  • We need to be notified before 12 pm if there is a change of address for delivery.

  • Please notify us by the Thursday of the delivery week if you need to skip a week or a grocery charge of $65 will be accessed to your account.

  • To ensure the safety of delivery drivers, deliveries will be rescheduled in the case of inclement weather.

  • The delivery charge is $10 per delivery.



We ask that you please understand we are trying to run this business
as smoothly as possible to keep our food fresh, keep costs as low as
possible, and maintain great standards for our clients.