Executive Chef Kat Tolbert. After surviving cervical cancer and Lupus, Chef Kat gathered all the knowledge she could on the fat burning and medicinal properties of spices and foods.  She has become known for getting results with food detoxing and often called the Seasonologists of the Midlands.
Chef Kat is also the owner and personal chef of Natty Queens Cuisine. She loves spending countless hours putting together creative new metabolism restructuring dishes that you are sure to love! 

Trainer  James Patrick. MBS Fitness.... A ball of fitness energy and a polyglot of all this movement. James and the MBS team will motivate and entertain all the while getting our fit and trim!


Phone: (803) 403-3916

Email: mymbsfitness@gmail.com

Website: http://mymbsfitness.com/



Trainer  Heather Kobus. Heather Kobus specializes in developing individual programs promoting healthy habits involving nutrition, body composition, functional movement, increased stamina, and encouraging habits that are life-changing. She believes that physical fitness is a journey that will continue to grow and change as the person’s life develops and changes. As a personal trainer, Heather guides her clients safely and effectively to their individual goals. Her approach is well-rounded incorporating many levels.



Phone:  803-665-9115

Email: Heatherk@Athletesarena.com

Website:  www.Athletesarena.com


Trainer Courtney Clowney. Bodies by Court! Courtney will challenge you to the upmost and help you sculpt the body of your dreams!

Specialties are abs, glutes and legs. Building and shaping.


Phone: (803) 404-3528

Email: Bodysbycourt@gmail.com

Web: Facebook.com/BodyByCourt


Trainer Dominic Neal. Main Event Fitness Center. The Boxing Guru of the South. Dominic has a vast reputation for turning out the leads in the amatuer & professional boxing elite, but also has a knack for family fitness as well. His Center has a vast variety of programs from pole conditioning to riping cardio


Phone: (803)463-7435

Email: Maineventfitnesscenter@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.Maineventfitnesscenter.com/

Athlethic Massage Therapist Gigi Jaycubs. 360 Therapeutic & Clinical Massage. Gigi is a LMT specializing in muscle reflexology, deep tissue and swedish muscle mulnipulation.


Phone: (803)446-5117

Email: 360tcmassage@gmail.com

Website: http://www.360tcmassage.com/

Trainer Wayne Wright. PT-IT Personal Training.

NPC Competitive bodybuilder who brings his knowledge of body sculpting to clients. Through nutrition and exercise, anything is possible!
Specialties:Bodybuilding, Muscle Hypertrophy, Nutrition, and Flexology


Phone: (803)386-1353

Email: L.Wayne.Wright@gmail.com

Website: http://bit.ly/PTITNewJourney

Trainer Loraine Dunbar. S.T.A.R. Fitness Personal Training.

Loraine bring a unique balance to fitness with the understanding that fitness starts in the kitchen. She specializes in clean eating, weight loss, toning, lifting, strength training, and high intensity interval training.


Phone: (803) 477-8160

Email: dunbarstarfitness@gmail.com


Trainer Mark Tillmon.is the Foodie Trainer, he will get you sculpted at right working from the inside out. He has walked the transition journey himself, so he knows what it takes to help you make the turn to excellent fitness.


Phone: (803) 556-7727

Email: tillmon.mark@yahoo.com