Call for Vegetarian/Vegan Menu

DISCLAIMER: Menu Customization/Dietary Adjustments Available for a small additional fee!

Custom and Athletic Meal Plans are quoted by grocery + Chef Fee

Due to the food limitations and shortages, our menu is subject to change due to ingredients availability. Our finalized menu will be distributed to clients 3-5 days prior to the delivery day.

Cycle One  Jan    11th ~ 12th

Tricolor Pepper Steak w. Leeks & Fingerling Taters C 335 F 8.6g Cb 9g Pr 26g

Fat Burning Shakshuka & Steamed Veggies C 327 F 7g Cb 14g Pr 28.3g

Kale Pesto Chicken Balls & Sicilian Veggies C 360 F 6g Cb 9g Pr 27g

Hawaiian Chicken & Cardamom Yam Mash C 335 F 13g Cb 52g Pr 26g

NYE Chili C 398 F 17g Cb 56g Pr 32g



Cycle Two Jan 25th ~26th

Sazon Cod Cakes w. Blanched Broccoli C 365 F 7g Cb 7g Pr 26g

Anabolic Lasagna Bake  C 367 F 7g Cb 56g Pr 36g

Tuscan Chicken w. Mixed Veggies C 323 F 9.5g Cb 8g Pr 23g

Pulled Turkey w. Yams & Uncreamed Spinach C 328 F 7g Cb 33g Pr 26g

Cycle Three Feb    8th~9th

Sweet Asian Meatballs w. Green Bean Saute' C 335 F 7g Cb 5g Pr 26g

Chicken Marsala w. Quinoa Brown Rice C 313 F 15g Cb 35g Pr 27g

Lemon Pepper Shrimp w. Tuscan Veggies C 335 F 12g Cb 9g Pr 25g

Applewood Turkey Burgers w. Yams & Sprouts C 362 F 12g Cb 39g Pr 23g

Cycle Four Feb    22nd~23rd

Spinach Trout w. Turmeric Jasmine Rice C 320 F 8g Cb 48g Pr 25g

Seared Skirt Steak w. Broccoli & Yams C 398 F 9g Cb 56g Pr 32g

Deconstructed Turkey Eggroll C 385 F 13g Cb 33g Pr 36g

Korean Pulled Chicken w. Spinach C 335 F 7g Cb 5g Pr 26g


Cycle    Five   Mar 8th~9th

Low Country Salmon w. Soulfood Rice Pilaf C 325 F 5.17g Cb 41.82g Pr 27g

Lemon Tarragon Chicken w. Colorful Veggies C 325 F 16.69g Cb 6g Pr 25.95g

Anabolic Stuffed Roasted Bell Peppers & Bellas C 341 F 6.74g Cb 28g Pr 29g

Roasted Turkey Breast & Yam Mash & Green Beans C 319 F 7.53g Cb 39.05g Pr 25g


Cycle Six Mar 22nd~23rd

Turmeric Shrimp & Green Beans C 335 F 7g Cb 9g Pr 26g

CoCo Grilled Chicken w. Zucchini or Jasmine Rice C 260 F 7g Cb46g Pr 28.3g

Loaded SP Mac N Cheese & Broccoli C 335 F 13g Cb 52g Pr 26g

Amino Turmeric Turkey Chili C 398 F 17g Cb 29g Pr 32g